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About us as a fence constructor company

Fence post installation

The fence builder is a residential fence constructor company, part of We-Renoit, a professional house renovation and improvement company.

In our growth as a company, after more than 10 years in the market, we have decided to expand in the different areas of household maintenance, in consequence, we added this fence construction service.

Our services as fence constructor include the whole package, Ontario 1 call, supplies all the materials, cleaning and garbage removal.

At first glance, it seems easy, however, to hire a professional fence constructor sometimes could be a difficult task.

Under the ground, some homes have electricity, water or gas lines and the proper precaution needs to be taken.

Another important detail is to dig under the frozen line, usually 4 feet deep.

The fence builder takes care of all the above details and building codes, giving you the best and fastest service.

Our time response is immediately after your call, our estimates don't have any hidden fees, so you know exactly how much to pay for your fence project.

What sets us apart from our competition, is that when we start any project, we don't stop until we finish.

After we finish your project, our warranty covers any problem caused by the workmanship.

Our coverage area includes the Grand Toronto Area, call us to get one of our professional quotes.



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