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Fence construction, designing your project.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Designing your fence project?

During a fence construction, hiring a fence contractor or thinking on a DIY project, you have to design it first.

Size of the posts?

We recommend using 6x6 posts, for the reason of better structural stability.
With 4x4 posts, your designs are limited, this is because they have less space available for the boards.
Also, a 6x6 post offers a greater number of designs, granting in some cases greater privacy than a standard fence.
In any of the cases, they must be installed correctly following a few simple tips.

How depth I should dig to install my posts?

You should install the posts at least 4 feet deep, avoiding problems resulting from extremely low temperatures.
On areas with extremely cold weather, it will prevent the concrete from coming out of the ground, most noteworthy, avoiding the collapse of the structure at some point.

Distance between my posts?

The distance that must exist between each post should not be greater than 8 feet.
The lumber used as a frame for your fence comes in 8 feet, and most importantly, it's the length to obtain a stable structure horizontally.

How much concrete do I need?

The amount of concrete that you have to use is indicated on the product package, usually 2 bags per hole.

Is it necessary to hire a fence constructor?

This is not really necessary if you follow the steps, this is just some of the information that you need to consider.
During this year our goal as a company is to include a tutorial for every step.
Finally, don't hesitate to send us a message with any questions or concerns during your fence construction. The fence builder is going to help you with a piece of advice, click bellow in our new live chat.
For any other project, such a home renovation visit our other website where you can find more services for your house.

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