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Fence Design & Privacy

Fence design is open to all concepts and ideas. Some people go for nice, uncomplicated designs, while others look for fancy looking ones. But in reality, fences have but one major purpose: privacy. Let’s be honest, nobody likes having awkward interactions with our neighbors while enjoying a BBQ with family or friends, or having to dodge your neighbor’s dog while running your lawn mower. Hence, it is necessary to make the right decision regarding fence design.

Fences normally use standard 6x1 pine planks for boarding, but they can be arranged in many different ways. For instance, you can choose to leave small gaps between them to ease the wind flow. This is normally an effective counter measure for storms, but some people dislike it since it allows a bit of visibility from the sides. On the other hand, going for a gapless design gets you full visual privacy, however, it makes your boards a lot more vulnerable against wind gusts or storms, affecting its durability.

Lattices are another way of improving fences. Adding a wood lattice to the top of your fence not only gives it a more classic look, but it also helps your fence grow higher. This enhancement also comes in different styles, and it can be also added on top of an existing fence.

If you want to find out how to make your fence more stylish, durable or provide more privacy to your backyard, just give us a call!

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