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When is the best time to book my project?

The best season of the year for your backyard is almost here so now it may be a good time to start planning that next project you have envisioned for your backyard to have it ready when the season comes. Give us a call for a free estimate now. Keep in mind that any project needs a permit or a proper organization and now may be a good time to start getting permits or to book with your renovation company. Fences and decks sometimes look like an easy project but there are some important details you have to be aware of. When it comes to fences, the proper post installation is the most important and after a strong winter you may find some posts coming out and needing repair. When it comes to decks, a proper construction code needs to be followed to avoid any future structural problems. The contractor needs to be able to answer your questions about the deck connection to the house, what kind of lumber to use and how deep the posts need to be. Finally, before going ahead with the project it is very important to check online whether your land doesn't have any pipe crossing underneath,it is free and you can do it by yourself.

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